5 ways to instantly make your garden look more expensive

Spring is almost here, making now the time to spruce up our garden ideas, but before you start to feel daunted at the prospect of another costly project, pause for thought. You can learn how to make your garden look expensive without breaking the bank, and do a good job of it too. 

We’ve asked the experts and selected the top five ways to make your garden look expensive on a budget. The budget garden ideas in our list range in price but none of them cost more than £20, making this project an affordable but successful one. Without further ado, here are the best ways to make your garden look expensive for less than £20.

How to make your garden look expensive 

1. Light the way

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

‘Illuminating your outdoor space is not only practical but is sure to wow any guests that visit your home, and make the garden appear bigger,’ says Julian Page, Head of Design, BHS (opens in new tab). ‘For a symmetrical, modern style we recommend spike or bollard lights as they are ideal for lining down the sides of the driveway for an even spread of light.’

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