8 new products at Dairy Tech that focus on welfare and efficiency

Innovations that make UK dairy farming more efficient have never been more important.

With a big range of new products set to launch at Dairy-Tech 2023, it is clear manufacturers are rising to that challenge.

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Companies will showcase products that can advance productivity in the dairy sector and maintain that all-important environmental and economic efficiency.

We look at some new products that will be on offer at the event when it returns to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on 1 February.

© Datamars

Tru-Test Dairy WOW 4000


Datamars has extended its range of automated walk-over weighing systems to include a model for dairy herds.

The Tru-Test Dairy WOW 4000 features a platform with a non-slip surface that can be integrated into a milking parlour.

An electronic identification (EID) ear tag reader allows the system to capture weight data as each cow walks over the platform to exit the parlour.

The system communicates with the farm office through 4G, satellite or wi-fi.

In many ways, it is the automated equivalent of manual body condition scoring but with the benefit of picking up subtle changes in weight quickly, because the data is collected daily.

It does not need a skilled herdsperson to make that assessment, either.

As weight loss is often linked to health, lameness or nutritional deficiencies, these can be addressed at an earlier stage.

The weight data can also be combined with milk recording data to track cow performance.

Price: In the region of £10,000 ex VAT

Contact: 07487 552250



Diagram showing feed silo

© Collinson

Capture and Envision FeedAlert systems


This digital monitoring system has been pioneered by Collinson to take the guesswork out of the feed levels in silos.

It uses a sensor to track the weight of the store’s content, with a reading taken daily, always at 11.30pm.

It deploys Internet of Things (IoT) technology to transmit data to the cloud to be viewed on a digital display or remotely via the app. A web portal will be added in 2023.

The display will tell farmers when feed levels are running low, allowing them to re-order so that they should never run out, or order too much or too little.

Permission can also be given for the feed company to access this data, to help with managing feed order miles.

The device can be fitted to any make or model of silo, new or existing.

Price: Systems start from £450 ex VAT with a £4.80 monthly subscription charge to view the daily weight log on the app.

Contact: 01995 606451


Sanicleanse AutoBrush

Northern Dairy Equipment

This system has been designed for rotary parlours and is an automatic version of the manual Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber.

It has a robotic arm and uses two large counter-rotating brushes to automatically wash, sanitise and stimulate milk flow, with live tracking cameras to guide the robotic arm around the teats.

It uses a quick-kill chemical which is diluted with warm water to clean the teat and protect the cow against pathogens.

In bigger rotary parlours above 40 points, when three operators are usually required, Northern Dairy Equipment says it can remove the need for one of those labour units as it preps the teats automatically.

Price: £150,000 ex VAT, with lease or finance options

Contact: 01772 739403



Calves in a pen with a steel gate

© Intershape

Multimax Fence for pre-weaned calves


This is a new addition to Intershape’s range of calf hutch fences, designed specifically for pre-weaned calves. It is smaller than the post-weaning model, which makes it 30% cheaper.

Like the larger model, it is made of 25mm box galvanised steel, but its dimensions are smaller to be compatible with younger calves.

It is 1m high, compared with 1.45m for the weaned calf version, with a 2.81m side length instead of 3.1m.

These dimensions provide the pre-weaning calf area required by legislation. The pens can be set up individually or linked to others.

Price: £400 ex VAT; £295 ex VAT for pens intended to link to others, as fewer side sections are needed.

Contact: 01327 300395



Plastic milk liners

© Milkrite


Ultraliner AMS RLC-01 and Ultraliner AMS TLC-01 liners

Milkrite has developed these liners to improve milk flow in robot milking machines.

There are two designs – round or triangular – and there is a choice of vented or non-vented.

The mouthpiece allows air to enter the liner to move milk away from the teat, preventing re-spray during milking and stopping bacteria from entering the teat.

Milkrite says they have been specifically designed to provide improved adhesion to the cow’s teat, reduce slippage and minimise attachment time.

Price: Cost included within Milkrite’s Farm Services Scheme. Contract price yet to be confirmed

Contact: 07775 648197 or 07717 484422


IBC and plastic drum of teat cleaning chemical

© Envirosystems


EnviroCare Teat

This lactic acid-based teat dip has been developed for use in milking robots with a formula that allows the solution to easily flow through the sprayer nozzles in these machines.

Envirosystems has tested its efficacy against the growth of Streptococcus uberis and E coli, and it inhibited the growth of both of these pathogenic bacteria.

The formula contains a coconut oil-based surfactant to dissolve and remove dirt, oils and milk remnants from the teat end, and has human-grade emollients to protect teats.

It comes in a striking shade of blue, so there is never any doubt that a cow has been dipped.

Price: 1,000-litre IBC £900 ex VAT; 200-litre drum £250 ex VAT.

Contact: 01772 860085


Stainless steel tubes

© Aquapulse

Clear World Water Technology


This innovation offered by Aquapulse is a new way of naturally cleaning drinking water to make it more palatable for livestock.

It comes as a 200mm cylinder that is suspended in a water tank to generate bubbles that break down impurities such as iron, calcium and sulphates commonly found suspended in borehole water.

One stainless steel cylinder is suitable for filtering 25,000 litres of water, and it keeps working for about a year.

Price: £1.50/cow monthly subscription or £500 ex VAT a unit

Contact: 07802 660388


Hand holding a mobile phone showing Hoofcount app

© Hoofcount


Lameness cost calculator app

This is an app-based lameness monitor that weighs up the cost of lameness against the cost benefits of foot-bathing.

The aim of the app is to raise awareness of lameness and foot-bathing, with farmers able to calculate the cost of lameness in their herd according to the current incidence level, based on AHDB data.

They are then able to evaluate the estimated cost savings they could make by installing a footbath.

The app also helps users calculate annual footbath running costs a cow, the level of chemical used, and when it is time to order more.

Price: Free, available on the Apple and Google app stores

Contact: 01995 603028


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