Midlands start-up to develop electric tractor based on TE20

A Midlands-based start-up has revealed plans to develop an electrically powered rework of the iconic Ferguson TE20.

Atomictractor, run by ex-MF executive Campbell Scott, intends to develop the machine in Coventry, where more than 3m tractors were designed, manufactured and exported globally.

“We are taking our cue from the design principles of the famous Ferguson TE20 “Little Grey Fergie” tractor, first produced in Coventry in 1946.”

“Like the TE20, this new, futuristic model – called the E20 – is aimed at smaller farmers all over the world who need a simple machine to carry out multiple jobs on the farm.”

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The company is also working on a zero-emissions power unit for tractors up to 100kW (134hp).

Details of the hybrid power concept are in short supply, other than the promise that it will deliver high torque and power, and be able to work for extended periods with minimal downtime required for recharging.

Atomictractor is now on the hunt for a mainstream tractor manufacturer that can help develop prototypes.

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