More processing power for new Trimble GFX displays

Trimble has launched two Android-based touchscreens that can process data at more than twice the speed of their predecessors.

Both the 10in GFX-1060 and 12in GFX-1260 are compatible with Trimble’s NAV-500 and NAV-900 guidance controllers.

Pairing with the NAV-900 offers sub-2.5cm accuracy with the firm’s Centerpoint RTX correction signal, one year’s use of which is included with the purchase of a new display.

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Buyers can choose how many functions they have access to, and thus how much the kit costs.

These include manual guidance, assisted and automated steering, application controls, mapping and data logging, equipment profiles, and video feeds from attached cameras.

The displays are also Isobus compatible, so can be used to control suitable implements and run both Field-IQ crop input control and the firm’s variable rate system.

Opting for AutoSync allows for data sharing between the office and the machine, allowing farm managers to remotely send work plans and monitor progress.

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