Sima 2022: Tech start-up ManuRob debuts autonomous handler

In the pipeline for a little over three years, tech start-up ManuRob unveiled its Loadix autonomous handler for the first time after recently beginning farm trials.  

Able to move and load materials without a remote controller or operator, the Loadix is powered by a 60kW lithium battery which has been developed without the use of cobalt.

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This significantly lessens its environmental footprint, and, due to being heavier than traditional cobalt batteries, also acts as a counterweight in the rear of the machine to balance out the front load.

Tasks are programmed using an online interface, where implement, job type, location and time frame are selected, and the machine will then decide on the best route to take.

Running time varies from job to job but charging intervals can be incorporated into tasks to keep the Loadix topped up throughout the day.

When selecting and attaching implements, it uses stereo cameras to identify the correct tool.

These cameras are also responsible for obstacle detection and will stop the machine if it encounters an unknown object or person.

Testing is still ongoing, but the maker hopes it will go into production in the near future.

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