Trimble dealer Vantage improves GPS kit security

Cambridgeshire-based Trimble dealer Vantage has combined several GPS security items into a paid-for package that it hopes will deter would-be thieves.

Theft of the equipment has continued unabated, leaving farmers feeling like sitting ducks – particularly during busy seasons when the machinery is away from the yard.

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Most notable among Vantage’s suite of security features is a means of tracking the location of Trimble’s Nav-900 GPS receiver, which is commonly fitted to New Holland, Case IH and Claas tractors.

The full security package will set you back about £1,300, and contains the following:

Receiver tracking 

Both new and existing receivers can be reconfigured to allow for remote monitoring, meaning the equipment’s location can be pinpointed in the event of a theft. The cost of the service is £252, which includes two years of tracking services.

SmartWater forensic marking 

Displays, receivers and ECUs can be marked with SmartWater, a clear liquid with a unique forensic code that helps to identify stolen equipment should it be recovered. As part of the service, serial numbers are registered on the SmartWater database. It costs £70, and can be applied to new products before shipping, or delivered as a kit to apply to existing equipment.

Quick-release brackets

Another £173 gets you quick-release brackets for the receiver – much like John Deere’s mounting system – which make it far easier to remove at the end of the day.

Cloud storage and Autosync 

In the event of theft, data loss is a common complaint, as stored farm-specific information such as field lines, boundaries and farm and field names often go with the equipment.

Backing up this data to a cloud-based service is an easy remedy, with the installation of a wifi modem (£512) which can then be connected to remote software. This involves an additional annual fee of £298 but, says Vantage, ensures that all data is backed up, and can be downloaded onto replacement displays.

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