Ukrainian company launches mobile RTK receiver

Ukrainian firm Geometer International has launched a product which can be used on-farm for surveying, landscaping, and mapping trenches and fields, despite disruption from tensions with Russia.

Designed as a mobile, handheld and real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) receiver, the Walker allows users to determine their location within centimetre accuracy.

To do this, the product uses global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) corrections.

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© Geometer International

The lightweight device weighs just 250g and is based on an aluminium pole that can be extended to 1.73m or folded to 0.55m for transport.

A simple power button activates the receiver and any smartphone will be compatible with the system, which has no wires or cables.

Instead, there is a built-in battery pack, which the maker says should last more than 20 hours.

Data collected by the Walker RTK can be easily transferred via the Mapios online platform, which uses a KML file import feature.

From here, the maps can be shared and edited by multiple users simultaneously.

Prices start at £1,116, and includes the Walker RTK GNSS receiver, the Helical antenna, a smartphone bracket, and access to the Geometer app.

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